Is your MAT held back by school-focused tools?

  • MAT led budgeting

    MAT-led budgeting

    With IMP, our solution is specifically designed for MATs. It’s not a school system with MAT functionality added on top.

  • Automated Reforecasting

    Automated reforecasting

    Automated combination of Finance, Forecast and Payroll data, to ensure you’re always able to accurately and efficiently predict your year-end out-turn.

  • MAT reporting

    MAT reporting

    IMP sits between your core business systems, extracting and combining your disparate operating data, giving you the whole picture across all your schools.

What does IMP Planner do?

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From a single platform IMP enables

  • Efficient administration

    Efficient administration of MAT payroll data

  • Integrated Excel

    Integrated Excel/Power BI reporting

  • Continuous reforecasting

    Continuous reforecasting

  • Automated Budget

    Automated budget calculations

  • MAT Control

    MAT control

  • Finance integration

    Finance system integration

Customer stories

Our customer commitments

  • Customer innovation

    IMP customers are a valued part of our extended product development team, we give our customers the platform and encourage them to suggest features and vote on product development ideas submitted by the community, which we respond to in a transparent way.

  • Customer voice

    We hold termly customer meetings to update customers on our roadmap, collate feedback on the system and capture suggestions for future enhancements. Your voice matters, it is what drives the system forwards.

  • Customer rewards

    Being for MATs by MATs isn’t just a catchphrase. Our community of MAT customers is growing because of our customers, so for every MAT you refer to IMP we will give you both one month’s’ free subscription to IMP Planner.

Purple Cubes

What makes IMP unique?

  • MAT First Functionality

    MAT-first functionality

    Our system is focused on facilitating a ‘top-down’ approach to financial management, not a ‘bottom up’ aggregation of disparate school systems. You set the direction; the school data cannot deviate from this.

  • MAT Forecasting

    MAT forecasting

    Forecasting is not an isolated process or report, it is an iterative process that drives the ongoing financial management of the Trust. IMP facilitates this by providing a combined forecasting and budget approach across all schools.

  • MAT Reporting

    MAT reporting

    IMP is the central system that combines the data from your core systems, which would traditionally be held in Excel, or not at all. The richness and accessibility of this data transforms analysis and empowers informed decision making.

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