We incorporate the best bits of Excel within beautiful cloud software that puts the MAT in the driving seat

We’ve spent many years working with some of the largest and fastest growing MATs in the country and know that a school budgeting system with a few MAT reports stuck on top, doesn’t work.

That’s why we’ve designed our system with one customer in mind, a centralising MAT that wants to set the direction for their academies.

Core Features

Icon - One unified database

One unified database

All your schools in one place, using the same settings, defined by the MAT… and yes, we can handle schools or LAs that are ‘different’.

Icon - Automated budget building

Automated budget building

Linking budget lines together to give real flexing ability, ensuring that multi-year budgets are accurate whatever the scenario you are planning for.

Icon - Unrivalled reporting

Unrivalled reporting

On screen ‘budget queries’ enabling you to group, filter and sort all of your MAT Budget data. Real-time linking to Excel and PowerBI.

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We feel your pain!

  • Are you tired of logging in and out of each school to review or change their budgets?
  • Worried that the school assumptions, such as RPI and pay awards are inconsistent or that you have to apply these settings to each school?
  • Unable to enter budget lines across all schools, without going into each school’s system?
  • Unsure if the scenario that you are using for your consolidated reports is the right one or if it’s been updated?
  • No facility to have multi-year auto-calculating budget lines? Topslice? Apprentice Levy? UIFSM?
  • Unable to automatically flex budget lines based upon other budget lines. e.g. Pupil numbers? Headcount? Staff Turnover?

We solve these problems and many more

There’s a big difference between a School Budgeting System with MAT functionality, and a system built with MATs, for MATs. IMP Software have done the latter, by combining a unique database design that gives unrivalled reporting capabilities, with extensive automation. Book a demo now

App Screens

What our customers say about us

The system is extremely powerful, it automates many of our budget lines and puts us as the MAT firmly in control.

Susanne Kiff, CFO, Dartmoor Multi-Academy Trust

This system is a game changer, the market simply hasn’t kept pace with the emergence of MATs, so a system that is specifically designed to meet the needs of a MAT has got to be worth looking at.

Jason Brown, COO, Bath and Wells Diocesan MAT

“Our current budgeting software, put simply, did not enable us to get to where we wanted to be,” explained ATT Chief Finance Officer Peter Wilson. “We needed something other than a school budgeting software with MAT reports stuck on top. It is the different approach brought by IMP Software that we really value – the ‘top-down’ rather than the ‘bottom-up’ – and it gives us detailed cross-MAT information on budget lines that we did not have before. The expectation is that this software will further support our MAT budgeting and reporting, enabling even more effective analysis across the Trust.”

Peter Wilson, CFO, ATT

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