IMP Software 2022 sector insight report: launch of The MAT Growth Survey

In 2020-21 we published our sector insight report, A Growing Philosophy: How are Multi-Academy Trusts developing their operating models through centralisation?, drawing on interviews with MAT Chief Executives, Chief Operating Officers and Chief Financial Officers.

The discussion explored how MATs have developed their operating models in light of academy freedoms – specifically around GAG pooling and other forms of centralisation – to provide more efficiencies. Trust leaders were asked about the operating model they had chosen to take (and the strategic drivers behind it), their views and experiences of implementation, and the benefits and impact this has had on their systems and their MAT as a whole.

Now, at the halfway point of 2021-22, it is clear that greater academisation, growing MATs – some through an increase in merger approvals – will be a major part of the sector landscape in the next 12-18 months. The expectation around a process for eventually moving to a system where all schools are in a MAT leads us to want to develop a further sector insight report.

At this time we want to delve deeper into the appetite for centralisation within Trust finance/operations and whether GAG/financial pooling will be looked at to help maximise the support that growing MATs can offer their schools. Or indeed whether this potential growth, and the need to be an ‘attractive home’ for schools who are looking to join a MAT, is actually impacting the strategies that might have otherwise been employed.

We have now launched our MAT Growth Survey 2022, and are seeking Trust Chief Executives, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Operating Officers and business/finance/operations managers to share their perspectives with us.

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