IMP Software celebrate a fantastic year


We’re celebrating our first birthday!

You may or may not know that IMP recently turned 1 and we wanted to share some highlights of our first year with you… well….actually, it was several months ago… but with us on-boarding all our wonderful new clients and a certain C word, we forgot to tell anyone!


1.) We currently look after 34 MATs and 350+ schools

IMP Planner is used in all types of MATs; from large to small, regional to national, centralised to de-centralised and everything in between. All of our MAT partners previously shared consistent pain and now, with our help, have improved the reliability and quality of their budgets, through reducing input and minimising error, whilst receiving first-class and ongoing support

2.) IMP Planner is now used to forecast over £3 billion in income

A growing number of MATs have trusted us with helping them manage their core operating budgets and forecasts. We take this responsibility seriously and constantly strive to improve the product, ensuring that our MAT partners have the greatest confidence in the integrity of their forecasts.

3.) We’ve listened, we’ve improved and will continue to do so

Software can be a slow-moving beast, with a common supplier response to feature suggestions being “that’s on our roadmap”, after which you hear no more about it. At IMP, we have multiple channels (mainly the telephone!) for our MAT partners to provide suggestions which all receive a response and, if suitable, an estimated delivery timeframe. Delivery could be in less than a week, but often we’re talking only weeks rather than months. IMP’s success is tied to the quality of our solutions and the difference that we can make to our users’ roles. As such, we are always keen to hear from our users and then we act upon their requests.

4.) We’ve gone from 2 to 10

What started as a 2-man team of accountants who were passionate about solving a problem, is now a dedicated team of 10. Most of our team today have many years of MAT systems experience, which builds upon our MAT-focused expertise whilst ensuring that the original passion continues to be deeply embedded in our culture as we grow.

5.) The MAT Finance Show

We are passionate about effective MAT Operations and wanted to provide a learning platform for those without their own professional networks, by sharing the experiences of their peers. We launched an online series, with a view to providing a resource to help CFOs navigate the changing world of MAT Finance. This series has now been downloaded over 500 times.

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