Introducing IMP Software a market leading MAT finance solution

Software can transform processes and enable organisations to greatly increase their operational effectiveness and efficiency, and we have specifically developed the IMP Planner to be the leading MAT finance solution to do just that. Software should ‘just work’. It should be clever, simple to use, yet flexible enough to accommodate those things that each MAT does differently.

At IMP we’re committed to delivering all these things and we won’t stop there. Not only is our Budgeting Software the only system in the market with an absolute focus on who they want to help – centralised MATs – our support is leading the way.

Another industry first that we offer, is ‘live chat’ within the software, to ensure that you get the help you need, when you need it, and once you’re live, we don’t disappear.

With a powerful system that has huge amounts of functionality enabling you to automate much of your budgeting process, it is important that your system continues to develop and improve. We therefore offer all our customers FOC ongoing training as part of the annual subscription that you can book via our online booking platform.

Most of our team are qualified accountants and all of them are MAT experts. They’ve all worked with many of the largest and fastest growing MATs in the country and have a deep understanding of MAT system administration and the pain points that school software can create in a MAT environment. They have plenty of experience implementing system at scale in the MAT space, and beyond.

The MAT sector has significantly evolved in recent years and the team behind IMP Software have been at the forefront of this change, through thought leadership, sector-led change projects, and setting the direction of the most widely used MAT Finance Solution in the market.

We’re very excited to lead the sector through another change, transforming the Budgeting Process within Centralised Multi Academy Trusts and changing the perception of software providers by leading the way with a customer focussed approach to support and open product development.

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