Top 3 tips for effective financial reporting

Working with a growing number of MATs across the country, we have seen various approaches to Financial Reporting. There is no blueprint for what these reports should look like, but we’ve taken some key themes and created our own top tips to help you ensure that your Financial Reports create the right impact, with the best chance that the key information is easily identifiable.

Tip 1 – Make it digestible

Make sure your report is visually appealing and draws attention to the important information. Less if more.

Tip 2 – Add an external perspective

To help aide interpretation and challenge, adding additional perspective is key. This could be previous year, local, or national benchmark data, but should add further depth and context to help stakeholders understand the pertinent information.

Tip 3 – Invest in the process

Ensure that the financial reporting process is slick and easily repeatable. There should be significantly more time allocated for analysis than preparation, so make sure that is as automated as possible.