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With the UK Government set to push forward with ‘greater academisation’, we know many MAT leaders will be asking ‘‘How can we be an attractive home for new schools, whilst also having strong controls and oversight to mitigate the financial risks when these schools join?’

The following is our resource hub for MAT Leaders, looking to grow or just curious about the subject of growth and mergers.


MAT Merger Story


Recently merged Maritime Academy trust comprises 13 schools across Greenwich, Bexley, Kent and Medway. They chose IMP Planner to help navigate and simplify otherwise complex processes whilst they were merging their MATs. Having an aggregated view of MAT budget data across all schools and reconciling this to ensure the trust moves forward from a common position was of paramount importance to Maritime.


A Growing Philosophy


In July 2020, and in partnership with CJK Associates, IMP Software published a Pooling Reserves and Budget Centralisation in Multi-Academy Trusts report. Our findings, and subsequent discussions with MAT leaders, identified that the question is not so much about whether to centralise or not, but actually ‘how’ and ‘to what extent’.


Supporting centralised MAT finance at Keystone Academy Trust


The Trust, which has evolved from three schools to five schools in the past 12 months with more likely to be added before the end of this year, was seeking MAT-wide budgeting and financial management processes.

White Cube Outlines

Important Lessons

Leanda Arnold, CFO Maritime Multi Academy Trust

We continue our deep dive into the Maritime Academy Trust merger story with an exclusive interview with Leanda Arnold, CFO of Maritime. In this episode of The MAT Finance Show, Leanda goes into detail on the process the trust took and where this left them. Their story of success whilst merging is a must-watch for MATs about to take on this challenge.



Watch our special Insight Session

How to minimise the financial risks when onboarding new schools through growth or merger.


This session will look at the steps that you can take to minimise the risk to the Trust Finances when embedding new schools into the Trust’s Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting processes:

• What are the key risk areas?
• What data to use?
• How to develop a realistic timeline?


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