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Summary of the latest ideas


This is a breakdown of New, In Progress, Planned and Trending Ideas currently on IMP Voice. Click the links now, to pick which you think should be prioritised with an ‘Up Vote’.

New ideas:

  • Rounding up to the nearest £1 within calculations
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  • The ability to group by activity within reports, adding a new level of grouping for each activity
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  • A new report allowing a user to see expected pay for staff members for the following
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In progress ideas:

Planned ideas:

  • Ability to exclude NI and Pensions from an Allowance or Adjustment
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  • Adding the ability to add notes to Payroll Reconciliation reports
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  • Separate columns for staff member first and last names
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Trending ideas:

  • Adding ICFP reporting functionality into the system
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  • The ability to favourite certain reports, allowing you to see all favourite reports in one
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  • Ability to add notes to forecasting reports at each grouping level allowing you to see comments without drilling down to nominal
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