MAT-First Functionality

A MAT Budget is one dataset, not an aggregation of datasets for each school. IMP is built as a single system for the MAT, so there is never a need to consolidate data or update data for each school. All budget drivers can be defined centrally and when these change, or you want to run ‘what if’ scenarios, you only need to change the central drivers, not the drivers in each school’s system.

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Secure centralised data

IMP holds all budget data centrally, with our security defining who is able to change what, giving you complete confidence that once your assumption have been set, that cannot be overridden.

IMP can build calculations into your budget

IMP automate budget lines across your MAT. Where possible we will hold calculations, not dead numbers. By holding the calculation and the relevant drivers, you can easily make sweeping changes or MAT-wide ‘what-if’ scenarios, by changing these drivers, not the end numbers for each school, in each year, such as: Top slice, Teacher Pay, Pension Grant, Pupil Premium, SCA, Apprentice Levy, RPA and many more, if there is a logical calculation, IMP will build it into your budget.

Statistics view in IMP

Granular security configuration

GAG Pooling is a very broad term which can mean different things to different MATs. What is consistent is that whatever your approach, IMP will facilitate the security, calculation and reporting of your GAG pooling process within the system, ensuring that the calculation is automatically updated and reconciles, for all schools and every year.

Limit budget access and ability to edit

IMP’s MAT security model allows you to provide as much or a little access as is required to schools or other departments across your Trust. Many Trusts using IMP will limit staff areas to HR, premises to the site team, and give Executive Business Managers who have access to multiple schools. Whatever setup is right for your Trust, IMP can ensure that the system setup mirrors your budget accountability model.

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A MAT solution, not a school solution with retro-fitted MAT functionality

IMP Software only work with MATs – we do not provide School systems. Our solution is built from the ground up for multi-academy trusts, rather than trying to make a school focused system ‘fit’ an evolving MAT landscape.

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