MAT Forecasting

Too often we see that forecasting takes place in isolation, with adjustments and narratives entered in Excel or a school’s budgeting system. The problem with this approach is that there is often limited control or visibility to this process, with forecast adjustments not impacting future years budgets.

IMP Planner’s MAT-focused forecasting tools allow users to make updates in real time and help you understand the impact these changes have on future budgets.

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IMP Planner Forecasting

Month-to-month forecast comparisons

Create monthly forecasts for some or all schools and use our analysis tools to see how the forecast evolves during the year. Each month’s forecast can be frozen and last month’s forecast can be the starting point for the following month. This cyclical approach encourages a monthly adoption as it reduces the effort required for each iteration.

Native two-way integration with Sage and PS Financials, extracting the accounting transactions whilst ensuring synchronisation of the coding structure. This synchronisation eliminates ‘orphaned’ budget lines, where the coding changes but the budget is not updated. Manual integrations have been developed for FMS and SIMs Finance with others in development.

MAT-wide payroll reconciliations

IMP provides a MAT-wide Payroll reconciliation allowing you to report or reconcile by person, role, school or a combination of all three. As IMP is a MAT system, a single import process can be used to load the payroll data across all schools.

Automated ‘flattening’ of spend vs actual timing differences

Too much time can be taken where actuals and budget profiles are different, which create timing differences that need to be resolved. IMP has tools to eliminate this work, by ‘balancing forecast lines’ to deal with front (or back) loaded curriculum spend, for those instances where the monthly spread of actuals bears little resemblance to the budget profile!

White Cube Outlines

Let the MAT set the direction, and enable the schools to deliver the outcomes

The relationship between the control of the MAT and the autonomy and accountability of the schools is a fine balance, wherever you decide to draw the line for your MAT, IMP will ensure that this balance is efficiently delivered. Where suitable we enable complete control, whilst giving full access to the elements that schools are accountable for. Above all, IMP’s platform enables a robust MAT-wide financial management cycle, which ultimately gives you an accurate organisation-wide forecast and financial reports that you can trust.

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