The Virtual MAT Development Event

In March IMP Software partnered with Browne Jacobson LLP to bring you The MAT Development Series in Birmingham, Exeter, Manchester, Nottingham and London.

In these sessions we discussed:

  • The MAT Landscape – taking stock, assessing readiness for growth and organisational design

  • How are MATs maturing their financial strategy, planning and delivery?

Following the success of these events and the rapidly changing political outlook for the sector, we are now bringing a summarised version of these events virtually, for those that were unable to make this in person. To register click the button below.

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Gear up for your MAT's Development

As your Trust gears up for 2022 and beyond, you will be reflecting on issues around MAT development, your strategy for growth,  sustainable pandemic recovery and how can we set our trust up for success. This is the opportunity to listen to some of the leading voices in the sector, ask questions and contribute to the debate.

What to expect from the event?

The Virtual MAT Development Event, will provide a summarised version of these events, the topics discussed, the questions that arose from participants and discuss the direction of travel for the MAT sector.

Speakers will include

  • Nick Mackenzie, Partner – Browne Jacobson LLP
  • Will Jordan, Co-Founder – IMP Software

The Virtual MAT Development Series

MAT Development Content

Developing the MAT sector and the upcoming MAT Development Series

In this episode of The MAT Finance Show, Will Jordan is joined by Nick MacKenzie from Browne Jacobson LLP to discuss the developing MAT sector and the upcoming MAT Development Series.

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About IMP Software

IMP Software are committed to solving the challenges faced by MAT Finance Teams. Our MAT Budgeting, Re-forecasting and Financial Reporting Software incorporates the best bits of Excel within beautiful cloud software that puts the MAT in the driving seat. IMP produce better, more efficient budgets, through greater consistency and eliminating duplicated data entry.

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About Browne Jacobson

As one of the largest education teams in the country our legal and HR specialists have a wealth of education knowledge and experience. We also draw in expertise from across our full-service law firm to assist clients with their bespoke needs – from construction projects, employment issues and funding matters, to protecting commercial IP, health and safety, and disputes.

Our team are there to help you to make and take opportunity in the rapidly changing legal, regulatory and commercial landscape, both domestically and internationally.

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