Episode 8 – Charity Main CFO at Anglian Learning shares her journey with MAT finance and planning

We are grateful to be able to spend some time with Charity Main the Director of Finance at Anglian Learning to discuss planning, Gag Pooling and learn a little more about some of their wins and challenges.

Episode 7 – Jason Brown from Bath & Wells MAT talks to us about their journey with centralisation

In this episode, we meet with Jason Brown from Bath and Wells MAT and James Weatherill from Arbor Education to discuss MAT finance centralisation.

The MAT Finance Show

Episode 1 – Financial planning in uncertain times

Will Jordan sits down with expert leaders in the multi-academy trust sector to discuss how to manage your financial planning in uncertain times and some tips from the panel of how to continually re-forecast to make the most of your…

The MAT Finance Show

Episode 2 – We sat down with ATT’s CFO, Peter Wilson

In this episode of The MAT Finance Show, we sat down with Peter Wilson, Chief Finance Officer from Academy Transformation Trust to discuss his views on centralisation, his journey and his thoughts on the future of MAT finance.

The MAT Finance Show

Episode 3 – GAG Pooling Live Q&A

In this episode of The MAT Finance Show, we are joined by Peter Wilson, Jonathan Bishop and Chris Kirk to take your questions on GAG Pooling.

Episode 4 – The One With Stephen Morales, CEO ISBL

ISBL CEO, Stephen Morales joins us on this episode of The MAT Finance Show.

Episode 6 – MAT Budgeting – A Look At Ever Greater Centralisation

The MAT Finance Show

Episode 5 – MAT Centralisation/GAG Pooling – An Industry Review

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