Episode 10 – Why do MAT CFO’s need to be concerned about the growing risk of a cyber security attack?

In this special episode of The MAT Finance Show we ask, ‘’Why do MAT CFO’s need to be concerned about the growing risk of a cyber security attack?’’

We are joined by Founder & CEO of 9ine, a specialist cyber security firm with years of experience working within the education sector.

With over 62% of all cyber security attacks focused within Education since August 2020, up from around 20% from February 2020, Mark talks us through what you as a MAT leader can do to address this rising risk and how you can help ensure your organisation is better protected.

Within Annex 2 of the ESFA guidance ‘Internal scrutiny in academy trusts’ which aims to provide trusts with suggestions as to how they can implement internal scrutiny / audit arrangements that meet the requirements of the Academies Financial Handbook (AFH). The suggestions are:

• Good data is the foundation of effective decision making. Business continuity and recovery of key systems such as attendance management
systems should also feature.
• Data protection (e.g. GDPR compliance) is also likely to be a key issue.
• IT systems should be assessed for their resilience in terms of exposure to cyber security risks

Mark and IMP Software will be going into more detail on these specific challenges in a special live webinar on 6th May 2021
You can register here – https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_pTgCPrRMQbOsnNlOJHAjzg

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